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The DESIGN SERVICES section of ISMOSYS.COM features a select number of Independent Design Houses and Consultants, chosen for their proven expertise in specific technologies, disciplines, market sectors and territories.

  • Outsourced Design. ISMOSYS.COM provides companies considering outsourcing all or specific aspects of new product design and development with direct access to relevant businesses and individuals in their geography. Partners are selected for their expertise in their market sector and for their ability to directly access the most relevant and most innovative product and technological developments.
  • Supplier Access. Partnering with ISMOSYS.COM provides Product Developers with priority support and access to the very latest technology developments from many of the world’s most technologically advanced semiconductor and software houses.
  • Opportunity Identification. The Independent Design House and Consultancies that are selected as ISMOSYS.COM partners significantly increase their ability to identify and influence new business opportunities that they would otherwise have no visibility of.


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