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 Altera teams up with Intel to develop next-gen FPGAs

Date: 27/2/2013

- Intel’s 14nm technology will enable Altera to deliver highest performance and most power-efficient FPGAs

Altera has taken a major step towards delivering on the promise of silicon convergence – hardware & software programmability, microprocessors, digital signal processing and application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) capability in a single device.

In a bid to further its ambitions to deliver a more flexible and economical alternative to traditional ASICs and application-specific standard products Altera has announced that it will manufacture its next generation of field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) using Intel's 14nm tri-gate transistor technology.

According to Ismosys’ Roberto Blanco, the agreement with Intel provides Altera with tremendous competitive advantage at the high end as it’s the only major FPGA company with access to Intel’s 14nm technology: “The new 14nm range of products target ultra high-performance systems for military, wireline communications, cloud networking and compute & storage applications, and will be a complementary addition to Altera’s 20nm next-generation technologies already planned," Blanco said.  "Our customers demand the highest performance and most power-efficient FPGAs and Intel’s 14nm technology will enable Altera to deliver them".

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