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 Celebrating 18 Years Of Evolution

Date: 28/11/2012

The Spectrum Electronics Group 


- Celebrating 18 years Of Evolution In The Global Electronics Market.


Spectrum FoundersOn December 1st 1994, a new REP company (Spectrum) was formed in the UK sponsored by Cypress semiconductor and a flash memory start-up named Sundisk ( now SanDisk ) who spawned the revolutionary idea that cameras would become digital and that the world would require vast amounts of solid-state mass storage…..imagine!!

We would like to take this opportunity of thanking everyone who has contributed to our success during the past eighteen years and those who will play a part in our future.

Our customers, lines, distribution and design partners have - and continue to - directly influence our strategy. Ismosys will strive to adapt and evolve in order to add value and remain relevant in an ever increasingly complex supply chain.

Since our foundation 1994, the industry has undergone a revolution of gargantuan proportions. Some of the defining events in 1994 and key changes that have occurred since are highlighted below..

From local to regional to national and now global, the electronics industry continues its relentless march, creating new technologies and opportunities for us all to enjoy and profit from.

The ability of any company to evolve within an industry is critical to future success, the Electronics market in Europe has undergone fundamental change and the Spectrum Group has evolved to meet the challenge. This evolution process was symbolised by the introduction of ISMOsys (International Sales, Marketing and Operations (I.S.M.O) system) in March 2009. A new brand concept for the electronics market to digest but one that promotes the attributes necessary for the penetration of today’s “design driven” market.

Ismosys goes pan-European 2006

How did the technological world look in 1994?

  • The Euro did not exist.
  • Commercial E-Mail was merely a concept.
  • The “www” was still in its infancy.
  • Google was yet to be a spelling mistake.
  • Twitter, Facebook, Linked-in………maybe one day.
  • Apple in 1994?
  • December 13th 1994 – Samsung announce first sample shipments of 256 mbit DRAM to Hewlett Packard.
  • GEC / Marconi and Nortel were global players in telecommunication technology.
  • US Robotics was a $1bn company contemplating its acquisition of Palm….remember the Pilot?
  • Nokia Introduce the 2110 mobile phone.
  • Semiconductor Revenues & Leaders 1994 - 2012
  •  Chip FABs & process technologies in 1994.


CEMs throughout China?

CRM systems…


Help us celebrate our landmark anniversary

The Spectrum Group and Ismosys are going to celebrate their landmark 18th anniversary by running a series of events throughout 2013.
We wish to celebrate with you and invite your active participation.

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