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 New security chip empowers CE gizmos to check authenticity of components, accessories and consumables

Date: 26/2/2013

-  lets mobile phones, tablets and printers cryptographically verify if add-ons/add-ins are genuine or counterfeit.

Marvell has introduced a security chip able to verify the authenticity of electrical components, accessories and consumables.

Designated the Marvell PA800, the new security chip enables a device (typically consumer electronics such as mobile phones, tablets or printers) to cryptographically check if a component or accessory is genuine or counterfeit.

When installed in a mobile phone or tablet for instance, the PA800 chip verifies the authenticity of batteries, chargers and docking hubs. When installed in ink cartridges the chip empowers a printer to report on the authenticity of the cartridge, deliver information on capabilities and fill level and also provide manufacturing data and other essential and desirable information. Security is assured by the chip’s built-in anti-cloning and anti-tampering technology.

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