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 Scalable, multiphase DC-to-DC converter extends power scalability for smartphones and tablets

Date: 20/2/2013

- helps manufacturers accelerate development cycles by efficiently reusing their power scheme in subsequent designs

Heralded as a new concept scalable power solution, Dialog Semiconductor has introduced the first programmable multiphase DC-to-DC buck converter able to be scaled for use across multiple, high-end smartphone and tablet platforms.

The new DA9210 is a four-phase buck converter that delivers an output current of up to 12 Amps. When two DA9210s are used in parallel the output current can be doubled to 24 Amps, and further boosted to up to 38 Amps to supply other power rails in the system when combined with the Dialog’s DA9063 System PMIC . This makes the DA9210 ideally suited for use with high performance, ARM® Dual big- Little or Cortex A15 multicore application processors that enable consumers to multi-task using several applications simultaneously.

According to Ismosys’ Martin Cornish next generation processors are increasingly being designed to rapidly ‘step’ between sleep mode and maximum load in order to help minimise heat build-up: “ Dialog’s new DA9210 can increase the current supplied from zero to maximum in a millionth of a second to support very fast processor wake-up and application response times," Cornish said. "This enables users to run several background tasks combined with application updates over 4G LTE, whilst downloading HD video with Wi-Fi streaming to TV. The new DC-to-DC converter delivers the highest level of efficiency across the entire output current range by selectively enabling and disabling phases, reducing losses by up to 50%”.

The DA9210’s four-phase architecture, combined with its fast switching frequency, enables engineers to use very low profile components with a maximum height of just 1 mm in  support of their latest ultra-thin designs. Dialog’s unique architecture simplifies the start-up configuration and control of the power management system and optimises software loading on the host processor, helping vendors to minimise the effort involved in developing subsequent designs of feature-packed, next generation smartphones and tablets that keep pace with consumer demand and stay ahead of competitor activity.”

The DA9210 wide supply range of 2.7V to 5.5V enables the use of single cell lithium-ion batteries as well as a standard 5V supply or a USB power supply. The operating temperature range is -40 to +85 degrees C.

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