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 Ultra-thin NFC antenna enables Touch n Go mobile phone capability

Date: 22/2/2013

- 40% thinner than similar sheet antennas while meeting EMVCo 40mm specification

Pulse Electronics has introduced a near field communications (NFC) antenna that is 40% thinner than competitive NFC ferrite sheet antennas, while still complying with the EMVCo specification. The new ferrite sheet antenna enables mobile devices to read data from a distance of up to 40mm to enable them to communicate with other wireless devices for payments, access and control, credential storage and exchange, and content consumption applications. EMVCo specifications ensure global interoperability and compatibility of chip-based payment cards and acceptance devices.

Pulse’s thinner NFC antenna sends and receives clear signals even when installed in a handset in close proximity to the battery or metal housing. With a 35 x 50mm footprint, only 0.185mm thick (min) and with a pad size of 2x2mm the antenna is constructed of a thin ferrite with one-sided flex and a thinner adhesive. The contacts are in the antenna for easy implementation and a smaller area. The antenna features optimised embedded mechanics to match the circuit values for the device to achieve the EMVCo target reading distance of 40mm, so tuning is all that is needed to integrate it into the mobile deUltra-thin NFC antenna enables Touch ‘n Go mobile phone capability

According to Ismosys’ Ercument Yagmur, NFC capability is becoming viewed as a consumer-must-have feature on mobile phones: “The majority of handsets will feature NFC capability over the coming years boosted by credit card companies and multiple launches of alluring touch-and-go payment applications," Yagmur said. "The new Pulse NFC antennas are not only thinner than competitive products but they exhibit excellent signal integrity, can be customised to the varying sizes of handset mechanics and are easy to implement”.

Pulse's NFC ferrite sheet antennas are RoHS compliant, come packaged in trays, and are ready for volume production. They are available in a variety of sizes and can be configured to a customer’s specifications. Pulse can optimise multi-antenna configurations with an NFC antenna for all-in-one solutions. In-house testing and measurement are done at Pulse Electronics’ global facilities to ensure that the antenna will perform optimally throughout its life cycle.

Click here to downlaod the thinner NFC antena datasheet and/or click here to view the NFC antennas pages on the Pulse Electronics website.

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